UNC College Life Leaders
Back Row: Daniel Peterson, Evan Alpern, Harris Wilson, Austin Alpern
Front Row: Bianca Cortner, Maggie Mae O'Daniel, Jessica Martinson, Mary Stuart Gray, Bailey Humphrey
Not Pictured: Pish Sahhar, Brett McCraw, Evan Shaw

College Life at UNC

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    Mary Stuart Gray

    Regardless of a students' religious background, Young Life College offers a fun, accepting community to be a part of while exploring or deepening their faith.  As caring adults venture with them, college students are nurtured, guided and encouraged to become young adults who are committed followers of Jesus Christ.
    College Life Club
    When: Wednesdays at 8:00pm
    Where: The End Zone - above Rams Dining Hall (south campus dining hall off of Ridge Rd.)
    Beyond (Campaigners)
    When: Thursdays at 5:00pm
    Where: The Study Center
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    • Frances Beasley
    • Daniel Peterson
    • Bianca Cortner
    • Ethan Good
    • Austin Moses
    • Tyler Petty
    • Evan Shaw
    • Christy Warren
    • Harris Wilson
    • Austin Alpern
    • Mary Stuart Gray
    • Evan Alpern
    • Maggie Mae O'Daniel
    • Lindsey Senatore

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    Phone: (919) 969-9993

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